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Must Have Monday :: Organization

Organization is something that is always on my mind - I'll often find myself naturally thinking about ways to organize things to be more efficient.  Clutter drives me crazy and so I love designing a space where everything is beautifully styled and put away - it's handy to have a business where you make products to stay organized!  One area of my home which I want to organize better would be my bureau and surrounding wall space.  The bureau top is a seductive flat surface that can tend to be a catch all, which drives me absolutely bananas!  I'm flying home to Maine today and I'm daydreaming about my beautiful bureau with my jewelry displayed like art, my many hair accessories stored in vintage jars and my walls minimally designed with modern hooks to hang my collection of scarves and bags!  

How do you keep your bureau top organized?  Does it tend to want to be a clutter trap?


Must Have Monday :: Organization

1. vintage glass storage jar :: all things white

2. black geometric hook earrings :: raw objekt

3. hand printed cotton scarf :: 88 editions

4. merkled white hook :: merkled

5. stack of 3 geometric nugget rings :: obliss jewellery

6. vintage brass glass jewelry display box :: lovintage finds

7. minimalist geometric cotton tote :: mi plus ed design

8. berkeley solid maple dresser :: hedge house

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