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California Coast :: Beach Love

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Living on the coast of Maine, interacting with the surrounding waters is part of my everyday.  Our studio is located just 20 min from the beach, but it's not very often that my bare feet make it onto the sandy shores.  Being here in sunny and hot LA, I'm back to wearing flip flops and tank tops - socks and wool sweaters are like foreigners in this weather!  I won't deny that I have my down jacket in the closet for when I fly back to Maine, but my bare skin has been soaking up the rays in the meantime.  My bare feet have had the absolute pleasure of walking on the sand and even walking into the water!  From Topanga beach to Venice beach to Huntington beach - I've been spending some quality time with the Pacific Ocean!  Plus, I have to make up for all the times I haven't gone to the beach in Maine. My 8 Etsy picks today were inspired by my love for...the beach!

What's your most FAV beach and how often do you go and let your toes play in the sand?



California Coast :: Beach Love

1. sea coral blue beach wall decor :: glass paper scizzors 

2. color block pillow cover :: jillian rene decor

3. natural linen beach tote :: independent reign

4. starboard wall mount nautical clock :: red tile studio

5. the simon linen beach towel :: choisette

6. sandy beaches blue luffa soap :: le botanicals

7. 1950's vintage blue hawaiian dress :: miss farfalla 

8. nautical cotton anchor tea towel :: apple white

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