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Collect & Curate :: Elite16 Etsy

Today we are kicking off a new series called "Collect & Curate :: Elite16 Etsy" where we'll be showcasing 16 of our favorite Etsy finds.  Each post will focus on a single theme, but highlight 8 selections by 2 different shop owners to get an Inside Beat on what's fresh on Etsy!  Amber and I are kicking off the series with this post here on .... well, you guessed it .... Lights!  

As the days get shorter, so does our play time out in the beautiful and bountiful sunshine.  To help offset the longer nights, we decided to look at the theme of lights to see what handmade and vintage items we would each come up with.  Lighting is such a huge part of our indoor experience, so why not make it beautiful and fun to turn on the lights!


Collect & Curate :: Elite16 Etsy by Amber of Red Tile Studio

1. plover wood desk lamp :: petrified design

2. tajine white and blue ceramic light :: room 9 ceramics

3. solid brass wall light :: triple 7 recycled

4. contemporary handmade table lamp :: ariel zuckerman

5. modern edison style pendant light :: the vintage vogue story

6. alice beads hanging light :: marz designs shop

7. large geometric hanging copper light :: khalima lights

8. autumn floor lamp :: furnished modern

Amber and I did not share notes prior to making our selections, but clearly our taste overlaps!  We both have a love and passion for modern home decor with a eye for clean and crisp lines.  Amber's selections reflect her fresh interior decor style - minimal and urban chic!  It was fun to see where our styles intersected, both inspired by geometric shapes, white and gold, along with natural wood tones.  

Take a moment to browse our Collect & Curate :: Elite16 Etsy selections and get inspired to bring some lighting beauty into your home!


Collect & Curate :: Elite16 Etsy by Nanako of Pig and Fish

9. industrial wall light :: southern lights tn

10. tri colored cleo pendant lights :: mark douglass design

11. big mobile light :: andrew neyer design

12. vintage white metal light :: gallivanting girls

13. mid century modern glass globe :: sanctum lighting

14. teia wooden pendant light :: iumi designs

15. himmeli geometric hanging light :: light cookie

16. cherry wood drum lampshade :: random lights

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