Modern Home

Modern Home :: Black + White

I'm loving our modern home posts.  Interior design is my true passion so it's fun to create style boards showcasing my favorite finds. I'm really into either rooms with dark walls and all white or light accessories and minimal color or white walls with one or two colorful accents and darker furniture. For this room I envisioned a light gray wall and accessories all in black, white and gray. I think it's super chic and pretty easy to pull off no matter what your budget. You just have to stick to those three colors and that's it! 

Modern Home :: Black + White

1. nine black and white encaustic paintings :: susanna jarian

2. "everything is going to be ok" dish :: mb art studios

3. white candle holders :: convivial production

4. tripots :: pigeon toe ceramics

5. feather print :: semi sweet studios

6. stoneware serving plate :: karo art 

7. "you are here" mug :: melissa maya pottery

8. starburst pillow :: erin flett

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