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Etsy Collection :: Color Therapy

It's no secret that I love color - just look at all the colorful items in our Etsy shop!  I can't say that I've always had the most sophisticated eye for color...flashback to the 80's where it was a mix and match free-for-all.  Luckily, I've refined my personal taste since then and can now better distinguish between what flows and what most definitely does NOT flow!  Even when I am in the mood for a muted color palette of gray tones, I always like to punch it up with a splash of color.  When it comes to fashion, scarves and jewelry are both great ways to add in some color, where pillows and housewares can jazz things up in the home.  I don't know about you, but I think I would go nuts without color - that's why this collection is appropriately called COLOR Therapy! 

Let me know in the comments how color plays into your everyday!  


Etsy Collection :: Color Therapy

1. mint and yellow ceramic beaded necklace :: a quiet curiosity 

2. luxurious hand knit raspberry rococo shawl :: elena rosenberg

3. emerald lace bracelet :: branch bound 

4. yellow and green silk scarf :: c banning accessories

5. king size ocean quilted pillow set :: b taylor quilts

6. hand knit beanie hat :: plexida 

7. multi color ikat pinch bowls :: center ceramics

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