It's in the Cards ♥ For Your Valentine


The idea of receiving a Valentine's card is always pretty exciting. Especially if it's from a secret admirer. Even if it's not a surprise it's nice to know you are loved and receiving a cool + one of kind card is pretty awesome, too.

Send a Valentine: If you want to make someone's day, someone you don't even know, check out this great project that Etsy is sponsoring called Special Delivery.  Send in your cards so that they arrive by February 3rd.

If you want to be a showoff this February 14th, pick out a unique card and then confess your love, or just let the awesome card you chose do the talking for you! I've picked out just a few of my favorites on Etsy.

It's In the Cards:

1. love you sunshine ♡ toodles noodles

2. love with vintage map ♡ vintage scraps

3. love with blue banner ♡ acbc design

4. hand cut card with mixed tape ♡ jerseys freshest

5. love you long time ♡ toodles noodles

6. love bug ♡ wit and whistle

7. you + me letterpress ♡ sweet harvey

8. love mathematics ♡ krize

9. pb & j ♡ happy dappy bits

10. hand stitched ♡ sarah k benning

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