Build a Collection Giveaway Challenge | with All Things White

Every month we hold an amazing giveaway on the 7th of the month also known as our Lucky 7 Giveaway.  One of our fabulous stylists + shop owners offers up an item from their shop.  We then ask our team of curators to build collections around the item or shop that is featured in the giveaway. It's a great way to visually share the giveaway with everyone. We've highlighted some fun collections featuring Kathi's vintage finds and don't forget to enter the giveaway which ends on Thursday November 21st.

A modern circus in Red + Gold

A modern circus in Red + Gold

Collection: Cirque d'Or

Stylist: Cinne

origami stars mobile by the Star craft

circus shelf by trees the bird in the tree

eastern star pillows by giardino

antique limoges by from all things white

a modern winter woodland

a modern winter woodland

Collection: winter in the forest

Stylist: Meg

vintage pitcher from all things white

imaginary forest hand stitched artwork by sarah k benning

christmas tree ornaments by karoart

olive branch rubber stamp by creatiate

wise + wonderful and great + small

wise + wonderful and great + small

Collection: all things wise and wonderful

Stylist: Carolyn

sleepy cat print by tush tush

mold kit for pet footprint ornaments by imprintz

baby blanket by all things granny

antique limoges tureen from all things white

it begins with one step

it begins with one step

Collection: the journey of a thousand miles

Stylist: Irina

network print by bastis rike

color block canvas tote by independent reign

personalized coin purse by oktak

vintage doves from all things white

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