Stylist Series

Fall Stylist Series | with Winsome & Green

Fall Fashion Stylist Series Part 1. See links below.

Fall Fashion Stylist Series Part 1. See links below.


During the Summer we featured guest stylists for both fashion and decor. They were such a hit we wanted to follow up with some styles for the new season. As we delve into these cooler months it's time for some Fall inspired collections. Christa, from Etsy shop, Winsome and Green put together this collection together and it's fabulous. 

Follow her style here on Pinterest: @winsomegreen 

Her self described style: classic + versatile pieces that are made to last and I gravitate towards muted and natural colors


Fall Stylist: Christa of Winsome and Green 

1. house print shirtA Part of Me or APOM

This 100% silk shirt is the collabortive effort of Kajsa Kvernmo and Kate Brook who drafted a local Melbourne, AU artist to create the "Villa Kulla" print exclusively for their brand, APOM (a part of me). Loose fitting but structured, the beauty (and fun) is in the details. 

2. leather boots | walk by Anat Dahari

High heeled rouched leather boot made by Anat Dahari of Tel Aviv Yaffo, Israel. Walk springs from Anat's archetectual training "using the simplicity and rawness of distressed leather to guide the design process."

3.  retro camera iPhone case | Red Tile Studio 

Retro-modern iphone case by Amber of Red Tile Studio out of Dallas, Texas in a keen shade of peach offering a subtle pop of color and charm. 

4.  spectra ring | kusu

There is beauty in simplicity. Cindy of Kusu hand makes modern organic jewelry out of Washington, DC. Her pieces are the stuff minimalists dreams are made of. This "Spectra" ring is solid silver which the artist has oxidized to achieve a blackened finish. 

5.  charcoal soap | lebotanicals

Handmade Charcoal soap by Ginger and Amanda of lebotanicals from Virginia Beach, VA for an all-natural, squeaky clean and (thanks to the clary sage essential oil) optimistic start to your day. 

6.  jeans | bow and arrow apparel

Tailored demim jeans, custom fit to your exact measurements by Anna Toth of Bow + Arrow out of Asheville, North Carolina in a high waisted, classic fit from "cotton grown, processed, and finished in the USA." 

7. tawny perfumeSwamp Angel Soap 

Charlotte of SwampAngelSoap in Maine calles this botanical perfume, "Tawny" and says, "I imagine this is what you might smell like if you've been working in an orange grove all day - harvesting, trimming, resting against trees, culling the overripe, taking a break to rip away peel and chew some pulpy segments. You'll smell just like this perfume - sweet and earthy and sun-baked." 

8.  waxed canvas bag | Rough & Tumble bags

This waxed canvas bag brings to mind words like "rugged" and "refined". Desinged by Natasha Durham of Rough & Tumble headquartered in Hebron, Maine the "farmer's market tote" features a wine bottle pocket and cleans up easily thanks to the water resistant nature of waxed canvas. 


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