Stylist Series

Fall Stylist Series | with Gossamer and Violet

Fall Stylist: Adriana of Gossamer and Violet

Fall Trend: agate, rock, mineral and natural history

Adriana's style : @msbibliotecaria


My style tends to be classic, timeless and simple with a touch of retro or Old Hollywood, and I love statement jewelry. My wardrobe is probably 99% dark tones like black, dark grey and chocolate brown. I went through a phase at one point where I wore nothing but torn jeans, mens boots, and old vintage leather jackets paired with feminine and lacey tops. These days I love the comfiness of a hand knitted cowl, the ease of pretty and soft leather flats, metallics and sequins, and the decadence of a big quartz, cluster ring. Oh, and oversized 1970's striped sweaters are my latest Etsy splurge.


Adriana's Fall Style: 

1.  crystal and stone collection | Stone and Violet

I love the striking and simple lines of Lauren's handmade shelf and the gorgeous lustre and mystique of the stones.

2.  gold edged druzy necklace | burnish

Besides the natural beauty of these gold edged druzy necklaces, I think they are great for layering and dressing up a very basic ensemble.

3. sequin evening gown | Shani Blumenfeld

If I ever got invited to a glam gala event, this would definitely be a dress contender.

4. three layered snood | The Unraveling Shop

There is something very organic about this delicate snood made by The Unraveling Shop and the color is one of my favorites.

5.  E is for Entomology print | Created by Storm

This print would be perfect in a cozy study and I'd love to pair it with about 25 more for all the other letters in the alphabet for a big wall installation.

6. upcycled ballet flats | The White Ribbon

Comfort, comfort, comfort. And the pretty script leather is a total bonus.

7. vintage cardigan sweater | Lucky Vintage Seattle

I have at least 4 of these sweaters, including one that I stole inherited from my mom and they are so great for a chilly day at the beach or a casual night out.

8. star crossed lovers band | We Are Arrow

Lately I've been mixing my gold and silver metals a lot, and these rings are simple, but they also make a statement.

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