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Summer Sailing with Etsy!

Here on the coast of Maine, summer and sailing are like 2 peas in a pod!  With our summers being so short, we savor each and every day when you can wear cotton t-shirts and not wool socks.  Kiki of Monki Vintage and I both call Maine home and we get to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the coastline 365 days a year.  No one wants to be on the water in the dead of winter, so that's why I just fell in love with this shopping guide by Kiki titled Ahoy - don't you just feel like hopping on a sailboat and embarking on an adventure?  Bring home any of these nautical themed items and add a splash of sailing on the summer seas into your life!

Ahhh...  Anyone for some sailing?

1  Schooner Mail Holder  ||  Pig and Fish
2  Nautical Anchors Sachets  ||  Gardenmis
3  Americana Red & Navy Striped Pillow  ||  Jillian Rene Decor
4  Nautical Flags Zipper Pouch  ||  oktak
5  Vintage Wooden Ship Model  ||  Anna Lou Vintage

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