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Crushing on the Brass Tones!

1. Vintage Mid Century Lighting by Project Sarafan
2.  Big Brass Letter N or U by Monki Vintage
3.  Blur Bubbles Golden Ring by La Chica de los Anillos
4.  Modern Chandelier Earrings by lolide 

Brass.  Golden and earthy - I'm diggin' it!  Lately, I've really been into brass tones and the warmth of of this metal's color.  With a darker edge than gold, brass has a natural feel and goes great with a look that is modern, yet fluid and easy.  Perfect for those who want to dress up their decor with a pop of golden tones or those who want to add the richness of brass to their accessories.  I've been playing with brass toned accessories for some new summer outfits - linen pants, light t-shirt and some geometric brass earrings make for an organic look!

How will you add brass to your life - home decor or fashion accessory?  Do tell!

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