"accessories", "winter"

Keep Me Warm.

1. Woman's Knit Scarf in Mustard Yellow by Elena Rosenberg
2. Felted Wool Sweater Mittens by Northland Woolens
3. Wool Felted Slippers by Bure Bure Slippers
4. Alpaca Knit Hat by By Sweet Mom

According to The Weather Channel, yesterday was in the teens here in Maine - you know what that feels like?  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - that's what it feels like!  I think it's safe to say that in the winter, I wear a scarf like it's a second layer of skin - which means all the time, even in the house.  Not that the house is that cold, but my neck always feels bare in the winter without a scarf.  It's winter in Maine so being cold is just part of an annual routine and we all do our best to minimize the impact of the freezing weather.  One such way is to bundle UP - from head to toe!  All of my picks today center around the theme of "Keep Me Warm", but the warmest part of all four items is that they were handmade.   The love and care that goes into creating a handmade item can certainly be felt and adds to that feeling of keeping you warm and toasty from the inside out! 

If you live in a cold climate, tell me what your indispensable winter accessory is! 

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