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An Introduction | Etsy Shop Semi Sweet Studios

Seeing the world through the eyes of a camera lens is a really wonderful experience.  With the coming of digital cameras, it is certain that photography has become much more accessible to people.  It's so easy to pick up a camera + take a photo -click, click.  But being a photographer entails a lot more than just 'pointing + shooting'.  Beyond understanding the technical end of using a digital camera, one has to understand the more subtle nuances of capturing a moment.  You're studying your subject matter, looking at the light, examining textures, checking the entire frame before you release the shutter.  It's like having a conversation with your environment + then communicating that in an image.  Kim of Etsy shop SemiSweet Studios shares her own unique conversation with country landscapes, seascapes, & landscapes.  Her soft palette is soothing + invites you in to experience the world in the way she sees it.  With 221 items to browse, including iPhone cases + jewelry, Kim makes it easy to bring home a little piece of a beautiful world.

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