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An Introduction: Etsy Shop Oktak

Have you ever noticed how little pieces of paper and loose change have a mind of their own?  Rustle, rustle, rustle...lurking at the bottom of your handbag, you might find a crumpled up grocery list from last month, a receipt for q-tips from CVS, lipstick and wouldn't you know - some loose change!  At the top of our "Organizational Tips 101" is this - Give It A Home.  And shoving it in your big bag does not count.  If everything has a place (a home), then all you have to do is put things away in their proper location.  Handbags, especially big + spacious ones, are prime real estate for things quickly turning into chaos if not properly managed.  That's why we love Etsy shop oktak!  Aki offers up some colorful, useful + not to mention adorable solutions to handbag chaos.  Put things away, give your loose change a home with one of Aki's handmade coin purses, organize the cosmetics in a zip pouch and stop swirling around in that big bag every time you need to find something!  And for those of you who are already super organized, you'll find some cute additions to your collection of organizational tools.  Plus, check out her très chic aprons + selection of baby goods!  Something handmade + cute for everyone.  Enjoy!

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