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An Introduction: Etsy Shop Lemonstring by Erlina

our lemonstring favorites:
linen apron with black twill
linen apron with ruffles and brown twill
child's apron with decorative stitching
linen half apron with brown stitching
linen apron in brown with ivory twill

Wearing an apron when cooking is certainly not a mandatory prerequisite for stepping into the kitchen.  Nor is it required in order to cook a fabulous meal.  But, wearing an apron is a definite game changer.  It can transport you from merely throwing some ingredients in a bowl, mixing it up + calling it good to a mindset that is more about the joy of what cooking has to offer.  The mood changes + the energy shifts - get ready for some serious cookin'!  Erlina of Etsy shop Lemonstring by Erlina understands this relationship between aprons + cooking.   She creates unique handmade aprons using the natural beauty of linen in lovely warm, earthy tones.  The clean lines of her aprons won't clutter your mind as you prepare to enter into that cooking zone - rather you'll feel relaxed + ready to whip together something divine!   

Does your cooking routine involve wearing an apron?    

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