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Spring Critters - Who Do You See in the Backyard?

1. Vintage Spring Bird $21.99 by Anna Lou Vintage
2. 5 x 5 White Rabbit Art Block $29 by Red Tile Studio
3. Ceramic Blue Dragonfly Square Tray $18 by Catherine Reece
4. Hedgehog Stud Earrings $20 by Studio By The Forest
5. Pink Butterfly Pouch $32 by Mama Bleu Designs
6. Amigurumi Bumble Bees $20 by Sabahnur

Do you hear the birds chirping?  See the little white bunny coming out for some fresh air after a long winter?  Granted this year's winter, rather 'winta' as we say it here in Maine, was super mild and we only had to shovel a handful of times - can't complain - it always feels great to say goodbye to one season + transition into the other.  'Sayonara' short days, dark skies at 4pm + cold weather as we dive right into spring.   One of the first things I notice here in Maine, a real sign that spring is here, are the birds.  They're out singing, flying here + there, making new homes and I love how they're just enjoying themselves - we could learn a lot from these wise creatures!  The chickadees are the first birds I notice + it got me thinking about all the wonderful critters who visit each year come spring.

So, I went to some of my favorite Etsy shops to see what critters might pop up - who's ready to help me celebrate spring?  You don't have to be a nature lover to love these cute finds.  From crochet bumble bees to dragonfly trays, hedgehog earrings to rabbit art blocks, butterfly pouches to vintage birds - we've covering a lot of ground!  The studio here in Maine attracts a ton of dragonflies of all different shapes + colors - they're such beautiful little creatures!  What about you?  What critters do you see in your backyard come spring?


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