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Grapefruit and Brown Sugar: A Winning Spring Recipe

1.  Grapefruit Mineral Blush by Naked Elements
2. Breakfast Bar Soap by Blushie
3. Vintage 1970's wrap skirt by Fab Gabs
Brown Sugar:
1. Botanica Watercolor by Francesca Lancisi
2. Arrow patterned knit pillow by Knit Frekkles
3. Khaki Stripe Infinity Scarf by Seven White Rabbits
How do you find inspiration? I used to flip through magazines, tear out my favorite rooms and products and then when I had free time I would organize them into design notebooks. I say used to because those precious magazines have almost all gone digital. So what's a design junkie to do? One word: Pinterest! ( Follow our Inspiration Boards)

 I was browsing through Pinterest and saw a recipe for broiled grapefruit with brown sugar and ginger. Pinterest is one of those sites that you can easily get lost in for hours and I love using for my personal inspiration board. In this case, I took that recipe idea and translated it into a Spring color collection of soft peachy pinks and khaki brown. This sweet and sour mix really look scrumptious together and make for a fresh Spring combination.  Find these items on our Grapefruit + Brown Sugar board. 

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