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She's My Valentine!

Top Left, Knit Scarf in Oyster Pink Stripes by Knit Frekkles
Bottom Left, Iced Cherry & Mystic Quartz Earrings by Lunar Belle
Right, Sexy Black Lace & Plum Flower Headband by Be Something New

Delicate, soft + feminine - treat your Valentine right!  We visited 3 of our favorite Etsy shops + hand selected items that would make any girl feel special.  Is it fair to say that pink is one of 'THE' colors for Valentine's Day?  Well, Valentine's Day or not - this lovely shade of pink in Knit Frekkles hand knit scarf is hard to resist!  Surprise her with a scarf that feels so cozy + comfy wrapped around her neck, she won't want to take it off.  Jewelry is always a great route to take when looking for a Valentine's Day gift, but make sure it's special.  Our pick today comes from Lunar Belle - the sparkle, gold, + dangle all add to making these pair an "I Love You" hit!  Finally, don't overlook the feminine charm of hair accessories.  Be Something New makes it easy to fall in love with the many styles + looks one can create with a touch of floral style and a splash of color.  She'll find you very hip for finding some lovely gifts this Valentine's Day!

Happy Shopping!

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