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Five Questions: Etsy Shop 88 Editions

One of the many joys on being a seller on Etsy is meeting + connecting with artists from all over the world!  Despite this sense of community that we feel, we'll most probably never meet these people in real life.  And yet, we'd love to get to know everyone better!  What better way to get to know someone (on or offline) than to ask them some questions.  So - today we're starting a series called "Five Questions" where we do just that - ask different Etsy shop owners 5 questions to get to know them better.  We're kicking off the series with Etsy shop 88editions - we hope you enjoy learning more about Kelly Tankersley + her shop!  

1. Why did you open an Etsy shop?
I opened an etsy shop to sell art and found a community of kindred spirits who like to create!

2. What do you think makes your product unique?   
My art is unique because it is my vision from the paper I make by hand, to the way I manipulate a photo, down to the decisions I make inking a plate to print. It is also universal, I hope.

3. Describe your studio / creative space.
An extra long 2 car garage that has windows overlooking my garden for making paper; the WPA (Women Print Makers of Austin) print studio for printing hand pulled prints on an etching press; my computer for Photo shop; my living room above the studio for making gelatin “jello” monotypes; the driveway to capture the Texas sun to make solar plates; the kitchen for concocting a batch of concentrated jello for my gelatin monotypes; the bathroom for controlled exposures . . . YES my husband is very supportive.

4. What are your goals for your Etsy shop in 2012?
More photo-based solarplate prints on my handmade paper; keeping gelatin print notecards in stock; adding wearable art (you know you want it); and a little home décor idea I hope to launch.

5. What does a day away from the studio look like?
Hiking and taking nature photos with Hannah the “German Shepherd extraordinaire.” Gardening. Collecting and pressing plants. It’s HEAVEN.
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