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An Elite Sixteen Welcome: Etsy Shop Elle Moss

From saturated colors to soft, fading light - the work of Elle Moss Photography strikes you immediately, tugging at a distant memory.  Her surreal photographs capture a moment, a feeling, a lingering experience.  Each one is an invitation to remember; an invitation to take a plunge in the water, even if we are unsure of what lies beneath.  The uncompromising lens of the camera pulls us closer to the water's edge, to the moment we close our eyes + let go.  Nature, still life + portrait photography share the pages of Elle's Etsy shop ellemoss.  You'll soon find yourself mesemorized by a story as it unfolds through each photograph.  We are pleased to welcome Elle Moss Photography to the team, so please give her a warm Elite16 welcome! 

Current Shop Favorites:
1. The Birds 10x10  $28
2. In Dreams: 2012 Calendar  $18
3. Ophelia 5x7  $10.50
4. Specimen 8x8  $21
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