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Skies the Limit Gift Guide: An Etsy Elite 16 Style Guide Challenge

Do you wait until the last minute to get your holiday shopping done?  It's okay to admit it - we've all been there.  But wouldn't it be nice if you could start crossing off those names on your list sooner rather than later?  We don't need to tell you that the holiday season is fast approaching, so let us help you lower your gift buying anxiety with our hand selected, curated gift guides!  We make shopping on Etsy easy!!

We're a group of Etsy shop owners and we have a real time, inside beat on what's new and fresh!  For this month's treasury challenge, our members will be presenting gift guide focused Etsy collections with the theme "Skies the Limit".  We want to give those creative souls the freedom to put together a whole variety of themed gift guides just for you!  You'll definitely want to check back in to see what sort of creative arrangements they'll be coming up with.

After each challenge, a winning treasury is selected.  The winner is then featured in the following challenge in the top row of each submitted collection.  As the winner from our last challenge, an item from Julie's vintage clothing shop fabgabs will be featured in the top row of each collection.  We can't wait to see how her items get matched up in different collections - how exciting!

Join us as we begin on Thursday November 10th at noon EST and go until Friday November 11th at noon EST.  Don't miss our hand-selected gift guides - we'll be posting them as active links right here on the blog.  Remember - we're here to make this Holiday Gift Shopping Season joyful and most importantly - e.a.s.y!  

See you soon!   

Kitchen and Cooks Gift Guide:

1. Rustic set of tiny houses by Orly Design $67
2. Vintage enamel red milk pot by Anna Lou Vintage $15
3. Set of three crochet mushrooms by Sabanhur $18
4. Rustic wood carving board by Gray Works Design $74
5. Ceramic plate with hand drawn bird + pattern by A. Speer Studio $68
6. Large white porcelain fruit bowl by Suite One Studio $120

Black and White Gift Guide:

1. Vintage Black veil with Rhinestones by Zwzzy $26
2. Blackberry- vegan mineral eyeshadow by Naked Elements $6
3. Vintage style glittered silhouette ornaments by A Vintage Season $7
4. Chevron Mountain Screenprinted Dress by As Bold as Lions $20
5. Moonrise- solarplate etching on handmade paper by 88 Editions $158
6. 2012 illustrated wall calendar by Retro Menagerie $18

Click To View Our "Quirky Gift Guide" Style Guide Treasury Collections!

1. I Wish by LouisestArt
2. Gift guide for Her- Gray will go with Everything! by FrancesaLancisi
3. Skies the Limit Gift Guide: Gifts men still don't know they are wanting by FrancesaLancisi
4. Pamper Your Children the Old Fashioned Way by BrokenGhostCouture
5. Warm and Cozy Gift Guide by BeSomethingNew
6. stuff their stockings gift guide by BeSomethingNew
7. The Pastel Lovers Gift Guide by PIGandFiSH
8. Gifts For the Bohemian Soul by StudioByTheForest
9. A Bit of Holiday Style by allthingswhite
10. They're Moving in Together! A Unisex Gift Guide by PIGandFiSH
11. Old fashion Christmas gift guide by BeSomethingNew
12. Finds for the Fox by PoleStar
13. Peppermint Presents by PoleStar
14. Gifts for the Divinely Demure by StudioByTheForest
15. Gift Guide for the Animal Lover by YellowBugBoutique
16. She Bakes in Patchwork Capris by PIGandFiSH
17. The Flying Trapeeze, A Gift Guide by SevenWhiteRabbits
18. As Would Befit a Forest Princess by Palimpsestic
19. Win the Heart of Your Gardener Mother-in-Law by Palimpsestic
20. Etsy Originals a Gift Guide by KnitFrekkles
21. For the Hostess With the Mostest by StudioByTheForest
22. A Gift Guide For the Cowboy Boots Man by PIGandFiSH
23. dear husband my birthday is friday by BeSomethingNew
24. Holiday Charm by peifferStudios
25. Rich Earthy Gifts For Her  by peifferStudios
26. Barbie's Ultimate Gift Giving Guide!!!!! by peifferStudios
27. Giddy Up Gift Guide by peifferStudios
28. A MODERN Gal's Gift Guide by redtilestudio
29. Gift Guide for the Scarf Lover by CarolynCochrane
30. Gift list for my Husband ~ I know...right?  by peifferStudios
31. Wild Child Gift Guide by DarkRide
32. Boho Chic Gift Guide by redtilestudio
33. The warm fuzzies by SevenWhiteRabbits
34. Gift Guide for Loft Dwellers by RedheadVintageII
35. Manly MUST Haves! by JillianReneDecor
36. The Under $50 Gift Guide by redtilestudio
37. For the love of Christmas RED! by JillianReneDecor
38. Gift Guide for Bird Watchers by RedheadVintageII
39. I'd Marry the Guy Who'd Like These Things. Oh Wait, I Did. by littlebrownpen
40. It's Time to Get Cozy! by CarolynCochrane
41. He Watches The Graduate and Sips Scotch by littlebrownpen
42. Gift Guide for the Color Lover by CarolynCochrane
43. Gifts for the whole damn family $40 and under by sweetpinesoaps
44. Whoa! What? Meh. Huh? Seriously?!? by littlebrownpen
45. Gift Guide for the Little Ballerina by CarolynCochrane
46. I Heard She Ran Off to Europe. With Him. by littlebrownpen
47. Red & Navy Gift Guide by JillianReneDecor
48. what to wear: holiday party by lolide
49. winter wedding wonderland by lolide
50. Stocking Stuffers for the 1% by HomesteadingRoasters
51. home for the holidays: gifts for him by lolide
52. Have the Mostess by KnitFrekkles
53. Party Girl Gift Guide by RedheadVintagell
54. Can't wait until Christmas Gift Guide by KnitFrekkles
55. Winter Retro Spin by JillianReneDecor
56. Gifts for the Woodland Sprite by PoleStar
57. Stylish holiday gift guide by orlydesign
58. White Gifts for Her Because She Love the Color of Snow by PIGandFiSH
59. Have you chosen a holiday gift for me? by orlydesign
60. Gift Guide: A Very Vintage Christmas by CatherineReece
61. Gift Guide for Guys by Woolbridge
62. For the woman who had (almost) everything by CatherineReece
63. Holiday Dinner Part in Black by JillianReneDecor
64. Gift Guide for the Golden Boy by CatherineReece
65. Vintage Inspired Holiday Gift Guide by seaandasters
66. Rose by seaandasters
67. Cross bosses and co-workers off your list for under 25 by CatherineReece
68. For the Vintage Lover and Photographer by As Bold as Lions
69. Teacher's Gifts by Bayan Hippo
70. Carrot Something Blue by Bayan Hippo
71. Carnival by Bayan Hippo
72. Girly Girl by Bayan Hippo
73. Beautiful Blues by Bayan Hippo
74. Gift Guide in Green by Bayan Hippo
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