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The Quirky Gift Guide: An Etsy Elite 16 Style Guide Challenge

We like to plan ahead and so we're already thinking about the holiday buying season.  Why wait until the last minute when you feel the pressure of the holidays sitting on your head like a big onion?  Nobody likes having an onion head!  We don't want you to feel that sort of stress and so we're going to work to make things easy for you.  

This is our bi-monthly challenge where our Etsy Elite 16 members will be curating collections using the theme for this week "Quirky Gift Guide".  Gift guides are a great way to present items together around a given theme - throw 'quirky' in there and who knows what our talented members will come up with!  Will it be about a cockroach named Casey who likes high fashion when she's not busy sending out cards and lurking around at night?   

As the winner from our last challenge, an item from Brooke's Etsy shop peifferStudios will be featured in the top row of each collection.  Her shop is filled with great gift ideas so we're looking forward to seeing how our team works them into their gift guides!

Don't miss our hand-selected gift guides - we'll be posting them as active links here on the blog.  We're an international team and so we'll start Thursday October 13th at noon EST and go until Friday October 14th at noon EST to give all our members a chance to play!  

See you soon!   

Elite 16 Featured Items:
1.  Hello cockroach bowl  by catherinereece $18
2.  Organic Bezel Ring with Peach Zirconia  by lachicadelosanillos $74
3.  Greeting Card from Original Watercolor by FrancescaLancisi $4.30
4.  Modular Messenger in Cream by bayanhippo $37

Click To View Our "Quirky Gift Guide" Style Guide Treasury Collections!

1.  Grandma's Gone Wild! by lunarbelle
3.  Gift Guide for the Foodie by CarolynCochrane
5.  Ensemble by frenchfelt
6.  Gift Guide: Rustic + Repurposed by JillianReneDecor
7.  Pattern Addiction by lovintagefinds
10.  At the End of the World by fabgabs
15.  Get Your Quirk On by PoleStar
16.  I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK by FrancescaLancisi
17.  Tiny cozy things by FrancescaLancisi
19.  be yourself by kaftansarafan
20.  Louis and his pets by kaftansarafan
26.  Contain yourself by fishandlotus
27.  Gift guide for the organically inclined by ALDDesigns
28.  Gift guide: I know what boys like by giardino
29.  Explore strange new worlds by fishandlotus
30.  Bowling for dollars by fishandlotus
31.  Gift guide for the rustically inclined by ALDDesigns
32.  and a green-skinned lady, too! Gifts for the 8th grade astronaut by FabGabs
33.  Monica sits at a cafe, looking at the clouds and imagines a trip to europe by lauraclauson
34.  spike-adelic by fishandlotus
35.  gift guide mix: black and grey by allthingswhite
36.  Forget love, I'll take pizza by fabgabs
37.  For Katie, who would happily camp out in a 6 ft snow drift by palimpsestic
38.  gift guide mix: hazelnut cream by allthingswhite
39.  she watches the coal miners daughter over and over by littlebrownpen
40.  gift guide for your fairy tale princess by peifferStudios
41.  Holy guacamole a gift guide for the Avocado obsessed by swedeheartvintage
42.  she fancied herself a domestic goddess by peifferStudios
43.  For Sahara, who has a humongous crush on Louis Leakey by palimpsestic
44.  I'd buy you these my sweet, but you see... NPR was having it's fund drive and well... by peifferStudios
45.  Sister Clara's quirky chic cuisine by AnnaLouVintage
46.  The soul is born old but grows young by PoleStar
47.  For the woodland gal who loves snails by sweetpinesoaps
48.  Gift guide for me by peifferStudios
49.  gift guide for your woodland fairy by 88editions
50.  gift guide for the person who has everything by besomethingnew
51.  Going on a lion hunt by darkride
52.  For Bobby, who likes to pretend he's a Brobdingnagian by palimpsestic
53.  house party: gift guide by BeSomethingNew
54.  i got this for you because you're so cool i know you'll appreciate it by Woolbridge
55.  She only likes things that are soft, subtle or sparkly. by littlebrownpen
56.  Gift guide for the Bicycling Baker by redtilestudio
57.  Gift guide for the Preppy Geologist by redtilestudio
58.  Quirky Gift guide: My dog came from Modesto by bonnbonn
59.  Gypsy Soul you were born for leaving by WhiteRabbit7
60.  I won a green bowl at the circus by allthingswhite
61.  Gift guide for the pretty pretty princess by PoleStar
62.  Quirky Gift Guide: My boyfriend and the sasquatch hunt by bonnbonn
63.  Gypsy Soul, you were born for leavin' by WhiteRabbit7
64.  I won a green Bowl at the circus! by lovintagefinds
65.  Gift Guide for the Pretty Pretty Princess by PoleStar
66.  Quirky Gift Guide: my boyfriend & the sasquatch hunt  by bonnbonn
67.  For Margot, the black sheep by WhiteRabbit7
68.  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by fabgabs
69.  Magic Fern by natalya1905
70.  Gno Place Like Home by fabgabs
71.  October Farm by natalya1905
72.  Morning Mist by natalya1905
73.  French Farm Memories by natalya1905
74.  Gift Guide: Candy Corn Color by JillianReneDecor
75.  Mushroom Sauce by natalya1905
76.  Miss Plautilla was never too busy with dancing for neglecting fresh flowers  by FrancescaLancisi
77.  Haunted Cottage at the Beach by natalya1905
78.  Tribal Time by natalya1905
79.  Happy Goat Raised on a Farm by natalya1905
80.  Elite 16 Style Guide: Fall Fashion by Baymut
81.  Elitesixteen GIft Guide: The Naturalist by Mmim
82.  Elite 16 Style Guide: Don't be grey by Baymut
83.  cozy presents for my friends by FrancescaLancisi
84.  Coffe Craze by JillianReneDecor
85.  You Can't Finds These at Target by aspeerstudio
86.  Elitesixteen Style Guide: Inner Child by Mmim
87.  Elite 16 Style Guide: zoomorphic by lachicadelosanillos
88.  Gifts for Laura, Who Read Far Too Much Jean M. Auel by fabgabs
89.  Gifts for Etsy Admin, Who We Know Have Seen It All by fabgabs
90.  We Heart Quirky Gifts by seaandasters
91.  The Earth Meets the Sky In a Stormy Winter Night by FrancescaLancisi
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