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An Elite 16 Welcome: Etsy Shop BabylonSoapCo

Handmade + All Natural + Timeless = Babylon Soap Co.  We are so happy to have Ericka of Babylon Soap's join our team! Handmade in Michigan, Babylon developed from a soap lover that wanted a product all natural and free of additives.  All of the soap currently in the shop = exfoliating glycerin bars, but Erika plans to add lip balm and shea body butter in the future.  Current shop scents: coffee, chocolate, patchouli, green tea, witch hazel and olive just to name a few. Welcome!

Current Shop Favorites:
1. beautiful packaging - all Babylon Soap Products
2. Coffee exfoliating soap $5.50
3. Lemon exfoliating soap $5.50
4. You Pick Any Four $18.00

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