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September Sun: An Elite 16 Style Guide Challenge!

Get ready for another round of beautiful Style Guide Treasury Collections by our Elite 16 members!  This bi-monthly event is turning out to be a real crowd pleaser and something we really look forward to.  Our theme for this Friday September 9 th is September Sun - a thank you to Katerina of bylina for the title!  The days start to get a little shorter and the air a bit cooler, but don't we all love the saturated colors of autumn?  How will our members tie in this week's theme into their collections - can't wait to find out!

The winning collection from our last challenge came from Jenn of palimpsestic - check out her beautiful treasury and our honorable mentions here!  As the winner, one of Jenn's shop items will be featured in the top row of each Style Guide treasury.  Which item will members choose?

Please join us here on Friday September 9 th as we kick off our third Elite 16 Style Guide Treasury Challenge!  We look forward to seeing you then!   

Elite 16 Featured Items:
1.  umbrellas on the beach frame by Mmim  $14
2.  "in my dreams" landscape photography by CarolynCochrane  $33
3.  orange tiger crochet shawl by annerstreet  $56

Click To View Our Style Guide Treasury Collections!

1.  Autumn Musings by PoleStar
2.  Small Celebrations by PoleStar
3.  Warm September Sunshine by grayworksdesign
4.  September's Last Rays of Sun by PoleStar
5.  Sunny in September by JillianReneDecor
6.  Winged Migration by fishandlotus
7.  When Darkness Falls by fishandlotus
8.  Sunshine and Shadow by fishandlotus
9.  Be Boho or Leave by baymut
10.  Sweet September Sunshine by LouisestArt
11.  Late Summer Style by LouisetArt
12.  Enjoy Breakfast in Bed by JillianReneDecor
13.  Sun among the clouds by Qenbleu
14.  September Love by Mmim
15.  Rusty Reds by aspeerstudio
16.  September's Hippy, Be Happy by baymut
17.  September's light through my window by Qenbleu
18.  Amber Glow by JillianReneDecor
19.  Golden Afternoon by giardino
20.  as the days get shorter by KingsDownRoad
21.  September rules by bylina
22.  Brown Autumn by orlydesign
23.  Brown Autumn: woodland colors by orlydesign
24.  Autumn Twilight by peifferStudios
25.  Warm Golden Sun by AmeliaKayPhotography
26.  Good Morning Sunshine by peifferStudios
27.  Sun Kissed Drops of Red by PIGandFiSH
28.  light wind by kaftansarafan
29.  Rustling up a colorful breakfast by kaftansarafan
30.  Vintage Sunset by allthingswhite
31.  September Sun by orlydesign
32.  September sun still so bright in Italy! by FrancescaLancisi
33.  Last Gasp of a Sunset by lunarbelle
34.  The Morning Sun in September by redtilestudio
35.  Bright September Fun by allthingswhite
36.  Blues + Greens of September by PIGandFiSH
37.  Sapphire Blue Skies by redtilestudio
38.  The Sun and Sky in September by redtilestudio
38.  Out in the Barn by sweetharvey
39.  Bohemian Summer by sweetharvey
40.  Four and Twenty by allthingswhite
41.  Travel Souvenirs by frenchfelt
42.  Autumn Relaxing Neutrals by allthingswhite
43.  Reading Under My Favorite Tree by PIGandFiSH
44.  The Autumn Outdoor Love Adventure by HomesteadingRoasters
45.  A Natural History Adventure by HomesteadingRoasters
46.  Rustic Cottage by orlydesign
47.  The Remains of the Day by FrancescaLancisi
48.  setting of the summer sun by lolide
49.  Show Me! by lovintagefinds
50.  Strange September Tides by WhiteRabbit7
51.  Fall Is in the Air! by ALDDesigns
52.  It was a pale and eerie night by DarkRide
53.  The Leaves will Fall by CarolynCochrane
54.  Last Touch of Gold by KitzieG
55.  Autumn Wedding by BeSomethingNew
56.  September Sunflower by peifferStudios
57.  Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me by peifferStudios
58.  Lighten Up for Autumn by peifferStudios
59.  The Changing Leaves by zwzzy
60.  Woodland Finds by aspeerstudio
61.  Silver Sun by zwzzy
62.  Golden Green Autumn Light by peifferStudios
63.  Return of the Monarch by Mmim
64.  September Tribe by WhiteRabbit7

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