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Autumnal Equinox: An Elite 16 Style Guide Challenge

Come help us celebrate the Autumnal Equinox on Friday September 23rd as we jump into our 4th Elite 16 Style Guide Challenge!  What a special day the equinox is as the length of the day and night are approximately the same at all points on the Earth's surface - wow!  What a great theme to build a treasury collection around - what beautiful creations will our team members come up with for this week?

As our winner from our last challenge, one item from Nancy's shop fishandlotus will be included in the top row of each collection - which items will team members choose?  We had a stellar turnout at our last challenge with 64 submissions and choosing just one winner was a tough job.  But one we love because of the sheer talent on this team! 

Not only are the challenges a lot of fun, but they're also a great way to find cool items that have been hand selected by our members.  We make shopping on Etsy easy!  So come join us on Friday September 23rd for a day filled with beautiful theme based collections and come see what's fresh on Etsy! 

Elite 16 Featured Items:
1.  bridal wreath wedding headband by besomethingnew  $39
2.  medieval rose linen pillow by giardino $56
3.  stoneware hedgehog pin by ALDdesigns $18
4.  rustic spalted maple cutting board  by grayworksdesign $40

Click To View Our Style Guide Treasury Collections!

1.  Seeing the sky through the trees... by JillianReneDecor
2.  Sunrise at Stonehenge by KitzieG
3.  Magnetic Fields by PoleStar
4.  Harvest Moon by KitzieG
5.  Longest Evening by aspeerstudio
6.  Libra - Reaching Balance by KitzieG
7.  Dark, Light and Crisp by fishandlotus
8.  Dusk Til Dawn by aspeerstudio
9.  Lengthening Shadows by lolide
10.  The Equinox by natalya1905
11.  Polar Day by natalya1905
12.  Equinox Dusk by natalya 1905
13.  Equinox Entertaining by WhiteRabbit7
14.  Morning Frost by natalya 1905
15.  Equinox Morning by natalya 1905
16.  Equinox Sunset by natalya 1905
17.  My Moon, My Man by WhiteRabbit7
18.  High Tide by frenchfelt
19.  Equinox in Sepia by natalya1905
20.  As the Nights Draw In by KitzieG
21.  Night and Day by kaftansarafan
22.  Equinox Party by bysweetmom
23.  night & day by bylina
24.  Change of Season by bysweetmom
25.  Do Not Adjust Your Sets by KnitFrekkles
26.  Of the Sun, Moon and Stars and an Autumn Equinox by lunarbelle
27.  Equal Parts by Mmim
28.  Equinox day by lachicadelosanillos
29.  Tomato by Baymut
30.  Woodland story by Baymut
31.  Winter wedding by Baymut
32.  Teal weekend by Baymut
33.  Elite wedding by Baymut
34.  sunset color by lachicadelosannillos
35.  More than black by Baymut
36.  When the sun cools by Qenbleu
37.  what will you do for the equinox by KingsDownRoad
38.  Equinox Gloaming by PoleStar
39.  Equinox Rituals by PoleStar
40.  Day To Night by Mmim
41.  Change of Light by giardino
42.  Light and Shadow by giardino
43.  Long Shadows Falling by KnitFrekkles
44.  Equiluxes by lovintagefinds
45.  Flying South by peifferStudios
46.  Equinox Night Launches by zwzzy
47.  Thinking of you by orlydesign
48.  Enchanted Sunset by FrancescaLancisi
49.  an autumn equinox wedding by KingsDownRoad
50.  Meet Me At the Equinox by ALDDesigns
51.  Equal Day + Equal Night by redtilestudio
52.  Feel the autumn by orlydesign
53.  Coming into fall by AmeliaKayPhotography
54.  The Darkening Forest by lunarbelle
55.  Autumn's Inner Glow by redtilestudio
56.  Transitions by ALDDesigns
57.  It's All About Balance by palimpsestic
58.  First Day of Autumn by peifferStudios
59.  Day equals Night by Qenbleu
60.  fun change in the weather by BeSomethingNew
61.  Blue Moon by lolide
62.  Quietly Rustic by allthingswhite
63.  Red Apple and Farmhouse White by allthingswhite
64.  Mabon by palimpsestic
65.  Equinox by FrancescaLancisi
66.  and dance by the light of the moon by lolide
67.  Welcome change of seasons by kaftansarafan
68.  Setting the Table by catherinereece
69.  Equinox Dreams by natalya1905
70.  First Day of Autumn, Time to go Camping! by redtilestudio
71.  Equinox... where the light meets the dark by YellowBugBoutique
72.  Autumnal Equinox by JillianReneDecor
73.  Light up the Darkness by HomesteadingRoasters
74.  autumnal equinox in warm tones by bonnbonn
75.  Fall Feelings by natalya1905
76.  Equinox in Neutral by natalya1905
77.  Autumn Spice by natalya1905
78.  Foggy Day by annerstreet
79.  Rustic Equinox by natalya1905
80.  Summer's End by giardino
81.  Welcome Fall by CarolynCochrane
82.  Autumn's First Breath by peifferStudios
83.  Fall by annerstreet
84.  Equinox by annerstreet
85.  Lingering by DarkRide
86.  Autumnal Equinox by LouisestArt
87.  My Fall Home by catherinereece
88.  A is for Autumn by catherinereece
89.  Bring On The Color by Mmim
90.  Fall Colors by CarolynCochrane
91.  Fashionable Fall by Blushie
92.  Evening Glow by zwzzy
93.  Autumnal Pinkquinox by peifferStudios
94.  Equinox Grey by natalya1905
95.  Drifting Light by Blushie
96.  It's Finally Here by peifferStudios
97.  Farm Matters by natalya1905
98.  Farmer's Almanac by natalya1905
99.  Wood you believe by RedheadVintage11
100. Heading to the Pumpkin Patch by JillianReneDecor
101. A Big Thank You by natalya1905
102. Hunker Down by DarkRide
103. Welcoming Autumn by seaandasters
104. This Fall by seaandasters
105. Light-Dark by seaandasters
106. Snowy Days to Come by mmim

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