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Come help us usher in the coming of fall this Friday August 26th with our second Elite 16 Style Guide Treasury Challenge! We'll be highlighting that time of year when we transition from cool greens and blues to warm oranges and reds.  Our talented members will be hand picking items to reflect our theme of HARVEST, which embraces not only autumn decor, fall planting, and preserving the summer garden’s bounty - but also think farm, rustic, and woodland motifs.

Our winner from our last challenge was Jen from PoleStar - did you miss the details from our last challenge?  As the winner, members will be including one of Jen's items in their treasury in the top row - which item will they choose and how will they work it into the theme?   

Our last challenge was so much fun - we are certainly looking forward to all the beautiful creations!  See you on Friday!  

Elite 16 Featured Items:
1.  little prism earrings by mujoyas
2.  fern leaf necklace by BreatheCouture
3.  mustard crocheted brooch by deestraperlo
4.  hand painted liquor decanter by ARTinVENICE

Click to view our Style Guide Treasury Collections!

1.  Ghost Pumpkin Harvest by PoleStar
2.  Handmade Harvest by aspeerstudio
3.  Grape Harvest by fishandlotus
4.  Harvest in Wonderland by WhiteRabbit7
5.  Harvest Time by bysweetmom
6.  Harvest of Autumn Shades by PoleStar
7.  Fields of Harvest Gold and Crimson by fishandlotus
8.  Make Hay While the Sun Shines by KnitFrekkles
9.  Harvest Moon by YellowBugBoutique
10.   Chocolate and Merlot by giardino
11.  Golden Harvest by bonnbonn  
12.  Harvest for Heart and Home by peifferStudios
13.  Setting the Harvest Table by fishandlotus
14.  Chilly Days Bring Golden Rays by PIGandFiSH
15.  Wedding Under a Harvest Moon by peifferStudios
16.  Harvest Home by YellowBugBoutique
17.  Pumpkin Patch by CarolynCochrane
18.  An Acorn Autumn by PIGandFiSH
19.  Rustic Woodland by redtilestudio
20.  Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen by redtilestudio
21.  A Harvest Moon by KingsDownRoad
22.  We Plough the Fields and Scatter by KitzieG
23.  Modern + Harvest by redtilestudio
24.  Harvesting Love by YellowBugBoutique
25.  A Day in Autumn on the Farm by bonnbonn
26.  A Nice Day for a Wheat Wedding by palimpsestic
27.  Bring in the Wheat by palimpsestic
28.  Red Blue Melancholy by frenchfelt
29.  Entertaining by kaftansarafan
30.  The Cozy Home by allthingswhite
31.  Woodland Modern by allthingswhite
32.  A Fashionable Fall by allthingswhite
33.  Autumn Prelude by louisestart
34.  Farmhouse by seaandasters
35.  Harvesting Beauty by DarkRide
36.  Ready for Autumn by seaandasters 
37.  Harvesting Joy by peifferStudios
38.  Floaty Autumn Feeling by gretchenmist
39.  Clear Autumn Morning by gretchenmist
40.  Amber Waves of Fall Fashion by peifferStudios
41.  An Autumnal Woodland by lunarbelle
42.  Looking in the Past by annerstreet
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