Found Made Modern is your connection to the modern world of handmade.  It began as a way to explore the blossoming marketplace of Etsy and has grown to encompass handmade artists and vintage sellers from around the world.  Here at Found Made Modern, we navigate people to both quality shops and merchandise through our unique perspective.     

We are four women designers with a shared passion for modern design and living the handmade life.  Everything we do here is in support of that creative life and we invite you to join us as we celebrate the value of living each day with the beauty of handmade. 



AMBER :: co-founder

Amber started Found Made Modern (formerly Elite16) back in 2011 with Nanako of Pig and Fish as a way to share all that she loved about the handmade world with a larger audience.  Found Made Modern soon became a platform for Amber to showcase her modern aesthetic and appreciation for quality design with those who share a love for the modern side of handmade.  Amber brings her love of interiors and architecture, along with her keen organizational skills to Found Made Modern.   As lead designer of Red Tile Studio, she combines her love of design, pattern and nature into her product line.


NANAKO :: co-founder

Soon after joining the Etsy community in 2011, Nanako was introduced to Amber of Red Tile Studio and they started Found Made Modern (formerly Elite16) as a collaborative project.  Seeing a need to showcase quality shops on Etsy, Nanako saw the potential for creating a place to connect people with the modern world of handmade.  Nanako brings her passion for minimal design influenced through her Japanese upbringing and her appreciation for the beauty of handmade items to Found Made Modern.  Nanako creates modern jewelry and heads up the PR, marketing and visual design end of her business Pig and Fish.  



CINNE :: stylist

Based out of the beautiful city of San Francisco, Cinne is a multidisciplinary artist who is inspired by the heartbeat of the vibrant city.  She joined Found Made Modern in 2013 soon after opening a shop on Etsy and brought with her a professionally trained eye for style.  Her passions are many, but she loves to curate fashion forward collections and is our resident graphic designer who does all the layouts for our gift guides.  Cinne's many creative outlets include her graphic design business and her Etsy shop C.Banning Accessories where she puts her artistic flair into action. 


JILLIAN :: stylist

Jillian is a longtime member of the Etsy community and works out of her new studio in Richmond, VA where she handcrafts her modern line of pillows and throws.  Jillian's background in interior design plays an important role in both her business and here at Found Made Modern.  Since joining back in 2012, she has guided and supported the vision of Found Made Modern with her eye for color and detail alongside her deep appreciation of modern design.  Jillian's focus on the beauty of craftsmanship can be seen in her online shop Jillian Rene Decor where she meticulously crafts each pillow and throw from start to finish.